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Jewish National Fund has the pleasure of having Yoel Israel create, manage and optimize our Google AdWords Paid account and Google Ads Grant account, managing over $40,000/month in advertising spend. Yoel demonstrates a passion and focus for helping JNF beyond his role. He is consistently proactive, provides excellent customer service and has a remarkably quick response time.

Yoel continues to help JNF receive donations with a cost per acquisition of $5, helping our organization generate more revenue and enabling us to focus our time on making a greater positive impact. If you are looking for a unique blend of professionalism and friendliness, I highly recommend you hire Yoel for your online advertising accounts, especially if you are a non-profit and have a Google Ads Grant account. Jewish National Fund trust that you will be very pleased with Yoel’s diligence, patience, service and results.


Yoel Israel leads Signals Analytics online advertising accounts: Google AdWords and LinkedIn advertising. He has helped Signals with branding, find new revenue and clients by focusing on data and being patient with the B2B cycle. Using Hubspot and other data analytics tools, Yoel has successfully A/B tested, optimized and made adjustments to our campaigns that have helped us bring in more leads and clients at increasingly better prices.

Using LinkedIn Advertising he successfully tested and optimized unique targeting, landing pages, banner ads and ad copy to help Signals receive more quality B2B leads at a cheaper price. Yoel Israel came highly recommended to Signals to help with B2B online advertising and I highly recommend Yoel Israel for his skill, hard work, customer service and above all else, results.


Yoel Israel has created and manages my Google AdWords account with great success. In addition to helping Americard Payment sell more payment processing and POS machines, he has demonstrated a will to always help beyond our Google AdWords campaigns. Yoel regularly provided marketing consultation and goes out of his way to help our company beyond the scope of Google.

I recommend Yoel for his customer service and Google AdWords results. He is kind, optimistic, patient and is always helping my business move forward and acquire new clients.



After attempting to self-manage my Google AdWords account for years (and with only marginal results) I sought out a leading Google expert. The name that my peers kept recommending was Yoel Israel.

From the first moment I spoke to him, I knew he was the real deal. His “no-nonsense” yet highly analytical approach to running ads was what I needed. I was also very impressed with his depth of knowledge with the AdWords platform. I was sold immediately.

But the real advantages started pouring in after the first month we worked together. His remarketing and search work brought in significantly more sales than I expected.  He’s also very easy to work with and not hard to reach. I actively recommend Yoel to other business owners and marketers. If you’re ready to take your Google marketing to the next level, hire Yoel today.


In my capacity as the Director of Inbound Marketing at Penguin Strategies, I have had the pleasure of working with Yoel on multiple paid media campaigns for our B2B clients.

He is an expert in pay-per-click advertising, with an emphasis on the B2B sector, and is well-versed on the use of LinkedIn Advertising and Google AdWords. Yoel utilized these platforms to create online paid media campaigns that help drive lead generation for our client roster. In addition, he continuously collects and analyzes data from platforms such as HubSpot and Google Analytics to report on campaign performance.

Yoel has strong communication skills and strives to provide lasting results. If you need support with online advertising and PPC, I strongly recommend him based on his experience with B2B, his excellent customer service and overall ability to produce timely results.


Yoel Israel’s creative thinking, expertise and positive can-do attitude made him a stand out member of the Bar-Ilan University International MBA Class of 2009-2010. Yoel took it upon himself to create and manage our Twitter page out of sheer goodwill. He created a lot of buzz and quickly got us over 500 organic followers. He made our International MBA program part of the local and international online conversation. His initiative and hard work earned him an International MBA scholarship. I highly recommend Yoel for your social media campaigns and digital marketing strategy.


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