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WadiDigital has a wide range of international clients stretching from San Francisco to Sydney and in between. We serve startups with seed funding to Fortune 500 companies. Our clients have one thing in-common, they want to use the most advanced digital marketing techniques, tools, and platforms in order to bring them high-quality, market qualified leads.

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  • Neuromation was looking to build a foundational understanding of our channels and customers for our advanced AI and synthetic data products. We started with WadiDigital with a focus on Google Search, Google Banners, and LinkedIn Ads. We were happy with the results and were able to drive sustained month-over-month growth, getting more qualified leads and at a lower acquisition cost. Yoel was responsive, is very knowledgeable, and was proactive in thinking out of the box to help us maximize ROI of our budget, earn more leads, and help us grow our lead gen efforts. If you are tech startup, you should reach out to Yoel Israel and WadiDigital to help you with your marketing and lead generation efforts.
    Yashar Behzadi
    Yashar Behzadi CEO at Neuromation
  • Kryon, a leading provider of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions for enterprise, has had the pleasure of working with Yoel Israel and WadiDigital to help increase our lead generation using the LinkedIn and Google Platforms.  As a result of their services, we have seen a significant increase of website traffic, leads and MQLs. In particular, we have witnessed a huge increase in leads from LinkedIn Ads – especially for ads using leadgen forms. As our company has grown in leaps in bounds over the past 18 months, Yoel has taken on hitting our increasingly challenging lead targets with his infectious enthusiasm and even more importantly, results-driven attitude. As a fast-growing B2B tech startup, we highly recommend working with WadiDigital for your performance marketing needs - to improve both the quantity and quality of leads.  They are very professional, extremely goal-oriented, and always fun to work with!
    Tirtza Giles
    Digital Marketing Manager, Kryon Systems
  • Unbound Tech has been working with Yoel Israel and WadiDigital for over a year. They have helped us successfully grow and expand our LinkedIn Ads and Google Ads accounts, providing us with more leads at a lower price. We waited patiently as Yoel recommended and the breakthrough came, we were finally able provide more SQL leads from money spent. They were also helpful, when we rebranded and changed domains, to make sure the transition is smooth, and help with updating the accounts, ads, and campaigns. We are happy to recommend to work with Yoel and his company for Google and LinkedIn to earn sales-qualified-leads.  
    Liron Mendel
    Digital Marketing Manager, Unbound Tech
  • I would like to highly recommend Yoel Israel and Wadi Digital as an outsourced PPC and Lead Gen company. We were introduced to Yoel Israel by one of Israel’s top digital marketers and have been very happy with his services since starting working together. Yoel is a B2B lead generation expert and has helped us build and manage our accounts and activity on LinkedIn Ads, Google AdWords, Quora Ads, and Facebook Ads. Yoel has successfully targeted hi-level corporate executives at large enterprises, providing our sales team with qualified leads. Yoel is an excellent communicator. He is proactive in improving our accounts and making sure we are involved in all Beta opportunities on LinkedIn so, we can reap the benefits of first-mover advantage. If you are looking to expand your paid lead gen efforts, I very much recommend working with Yoel and WadiDigital.
    Liel Bari
    Head of Marketing, prooV
  • Jewish National Fund has the pleasure of having WadiDigital create, manage and optimize our Google AdWords Paid account and Google Ads Grant account, managing over $30,000/month in advertising spend. Yoel demonstrates a passion and focus for helping JNF beyond his role. He is consistently proactive, provides excellent customer service and has a remarkably quick response time. WadiDigital continues to help JNF receive donations with a cost per acquisition of $5, helping our organization generate more revenue and enabling us to focus our time on making a greater positive impact. If you are looking for a unique blend of professionalism and friendliness, I highly recommend you hire WadiDigital for your online advertising accounts, especially if you are a non-profit and have a Google Ads Grant account. Jewish National Fund trust that you will be very pleased with Yoel’s diligence, patience, service and results.
    Miriam Braun
    Digital Marketing Manager, Jewish National Fund Manhattan, New York
  • Yoel Israel has played a very strong and proactive role in getting our app Screenshop to increase the number of downloads for our innovative mobile app. Yoel has been very pre-emptive in his customer service, making him available 24/7 to discuss, brainstorm and implement Google AdWords and PPC strategies to increase downloads and engagement. He has used advanced methods to successfully increase downloads and bring down the cost-per-download and cost-per-acquisition for our popular mobile app on both Android and iOS. Yoel is forward thinking in service and consistently pursues ideas how we can leverage our partners and influencers, such as Kim Kardashian, to help leverage our marketing assets to improve results, downloads and revenue for our startup’s mobile app. We gladly recommend using Yoel Israel and his company to promote your startup or mobile app with advanced marketing solutions.
    Jonathan Caras
    Screenshop, CTO & Co-Founder
  • After attempting to self-manage my Google AdWords account for years (and with only marginal results) I sought out a leading Google expert. The name that my peers kept recommending was Yoel Israel. From the first moment I spoke to him, I knew he was the real deal. His “no-nonsense” yet highly analytical approach to running ads was what I needed. I was also very impressed with his depth of knowledge with the AdWords platform. I was sold immediately. But the real advantages started pouring in after the first month we worked together. His remarketing and search work brought in significantly more sales than I expected. He’s also very easy to work with and not hard to reach. I actively recommend Yoel to other business owners and marketers. If you’re ready to take your Google marketing to the next level, hire Yoel today.
    Michael Stelzner
    Founder and CEO, Social Media Examiner Founder, Social Media Marketing World San Diego, California
  • Yoel Israel has been essential in our digital marketing and advertising campaigns. Demonstrating expertise and proactivity, we were able to successfully strategize unique targeting and remarketing campaigns on LinkedIn Ads, Google AdWords and Facebook Ads – along with other website data and HubSpot integration. Our company has been able to re-engage leads and website visitors and convert visitors to leads. Enterprises and start-ups can rely on Yoel’s knowledge and great attitude to increase leads and revenue using advanced digital marketing, and advertising techniques.
    Sarit Rosenthal-Aviram
    Senior Director of Marketing Communications, Viaccess-Orca
  • I've had the pleasure working with Yoel on Indegy's paid advertising activities and analytics, with a focus on Google AdWords and LinkedIn Ads. His hard work has resulted in unprecedented success, not to mention conversion rates of 18% from paid media! Indegy is a B2B high-tech company in the cybersecurity sector, and Yoel's paid advertising expertise has helped us generate relevant SQLs for our growing sales team. I would highly recommend him for lead generation for B2B tech companies.
    Valerie Levin
    Marketing Manager, Indegy
  • We have the pleasure of working with Yoel to help us with our PPC accounts. Since working with him, we have received more leads – keeping our sales team very busy and happy! Yoel and his team are easy to work with because they are proactive, data focused, and are a delight to speak and work with. If you are a B2B tech company, and need more leads and to scale, then you should reach out to Yoel Israel for all digital marketing services – for both lead generation and great customer service. Liel Anisenko Director of Marketing Friendly Technologies Tel Aviv
    Liel Anisenko
    Friendly Technologies
  • ParaZero has the privilege of working with Yoel Israel and his company to help with our digital marketing solutions. He has helped with Google Adwords, LinkedIn Ads and data analytics. Yoel gives attention to detail and is helping us sell our systems. We are very happy with Yoel’s customer service, productivity and results. He helps startups reach the audiences needed to grow. We highly recommend Yoel for his knowledge, professionalism, and sense of humor.
    Sharon Imber
    VP Marketing - ParaZero Drone Safety Systems
  • Our startup has the pleasure of having Yoel Israel and WadiDigital work on our Google AdWords and Google Analytics. We create a unique marketplace through our app which they advertise on our behalf. Results have been terrific as cost-per-download continue to rapidly improve week-over-week on both Android and iOS. This has helped us work on attracting new funding for our startup as we continue to grow and succeed. If you are a startup, specifically looking for more app installs and in-app purchases, we are confident you will be happy with the work, service and approachability of WadiDigital.
    Efrat Sagi-Ofir
    Head of Marketing & Operations, Air Doctor
  • Yoel Israel’s creative thinking, expertise and positive can-do attitude made him a stand out member of the Bar-Ilan University International MBA Class of 2009-2010. Yoel took it upon himself to create and manage our Twitter page out of sheer goodwill. He created a lot of buzz and quickly got us to over 500 organic followers. He made our IMBA program part of the local and international online conversation. His initiative and hard work earned him an IMBA scholarship. I highly recommend Yoel for your social media campaigns and digital marketing strategy.
    Cindy Sinvani
    MBA Coordinator, Graduate School of Business Bar-Ilan University Tel Aviv
  • Glide hired Yoel Israel to manage and optimize our wide-range of ongoing digital advertising and PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns for Glide’s CMRA wearable technology product while I was on vacation for a few weeks. Yoel successfully managed and optimized our online campaigns across multiple channels. He demonstrated strong communication skills and has a fast response time to both phone and email. I was very happy to have our digital marketing assets in his care in my absence. If you are looking for an expert in digital advertising for your startup or business, I greatly recommend Yoel for the task.
    Daniel Rosenfeld
    Digital Marketing Manager, Glide,

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