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We’re always looking to fill search marketing positions. If you are a total noob, don’t worry! We’ll train you quickly and work you very hard – but in a few short months you’ll start becoming a pro.

Available Positions :

SEO Account Manager

Job Type: Full-time
Required SEO experience : 1+ years
Salary: Competitive
Location: Caesarea
Apply: Please send CV to

WadiDigital is a full service digital agency. We specialize in helping startups earn new leads, clients and customers. We have a wide range of international clients stretching from San Francisco to Sydney and in between. We serve start-ups, small business, non-profits, and large corporations. We aim to focus our efforts towards clients where we feel we can make a difference and add the most value.

WadiDigital is currently seeking an SEO Account Manager who will be responsible for increasing and maintaining search engine rankings for our clients. This is a full-time in house position in Caesarea/Pardes Chana.

– Responsible for delivery of great SEO consultation. – Clearly communicate SEO best practices and how to apply them to our clients’ sites. – Work with other departments to update base site content to increase search rankings for all sites. – Identify and inform management of client opportunities, potential risks, and other key issues. – Write optimized webpage, blog, and Press Release content for publication on the web. – Communicate with clients via ticketing system, phone, or other electronic medium. – You will provide guidance in issues of a technical nature to clients in a non-technical field. – Assist client with questions regarding DNS, domain transfers, and perform basic email trouble- shooting

– Previous experience in an SEO.
– Excellent oral and written communication skills.
– Solid understanding of SEO practices and implementation.
– Able to work independently and efficiently in order to meet organization goals.
– Able to promptly and professionally respond to SEO related correspondence with clients.
– Extreme attention to detail.
– Fluent in English

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