Cybersecurity Influencer Program

Beta Launch

You already share interesting and relevant content in the cybersecurity field almost on a daily basis with your audience. Now, you can benefit from a hub of curated content within your niche while receiving a commission on each click your post generates.

We’re launching the Beta version of our Cybersecurity Influencer Program this November and want you to join us.

Our Beta launch is comprised of strong cybersecurity companies dedicated to network intelligence and cloud security solutions, Network Access Control (NAC) & Risk Management, Policy Compliance and more, providing you – the Influencers – with curated, relevant articles from these companies to share with your audience.

Our process is easy:

  1. Login & choose from companies or blog posts in cybersecurity.
  2. Copy and paste the blog link on LinkedIn and/or Twitter (wherever you’re active).
  3. Get paid for clicks at the end of the month. You will receive a full report of impressions, clicks, click-through-rates, etc.

We ask that you add your own short summary with your thoughts/insights of a minimum of 50 characters in the post along with the link, so you can get more engagement and add more value to your community and followers.

Articles in our platform do NOT contain gated or spammy content. These are blog posts from cybersecurity companies that simply provide valuable industry insights and/or education to the larger cybersecurity community. 

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