Google AdWords


How will people hear about your business? We use AdWords’ Banner Ads, YouTube Ads and Search Ads to brand your company to your target audience.


Who are your competitors? We do extensive research to find all competitors and create AdWords campaigns that takes advantage of your competitors’ success!


Want to take up as much of the Google’s result page as possible? We maximize all ad extensions: sitelinks, call, callout, price, review, structured snippets, and more.


Seeking growth? Google AdWords is among the best ways for your business to quickly attract customers/clients – and most importantly increase revenue.

Increase Profits With AdWords

In order for businesses to have long-term growth (and to attract more customers), you must be able to show that you can continue to bring in new customers or clients and increase profits. Google AdWords will help your business bring in many new clients and revenue dollars quickly and cost-effectively. Experience in growth matters!


Branding & Marketing

One of the greatest challenges for businesses is getting exposure. We focus on helping our clients improve brand awareness and promote their products by bidding on competitors’ keywords, advertising banners and YouTube videos on Google’s Network. We also utilize remarketing, ‘similar to’ lists to get your business in front of all the right people.


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Call-Only Mobile Campaigns

With this new feature, industries and businesses that rely on calls to close on prospects or customers will find this new mobile-only advertising campaign extremely useful to driving prospects to actually call their business directly instead of filling out lead forms or visiting their website. In fact, you do not even need a website if you only run Call-Only Campaigns.



Google AdWords Price Extensions

Google has announced an update on AdWords price extensions, which showcases prices and detailed description of your brand and range of products and services. It helps businesses connect directly to their target audience by linking specific individuals who are actually interested in what you have to offer.


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Quality Score & Improving CPCs

As a business, you can have a great copywriter, great ads built around amazing keyword research, and great landing pages on your site, but if they don’t all work together, then your overall customer journey may suffer and Google will penalize you by giving you a low AdWords Quality Score.


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