Non-Profit Marketing Solutions


How will people hear about your non-profit? Brand marketing campaigns are very important for your non-profit to reach and help as many people as possible.


Need $10,000/month in free Google AdWords spend? We will help you apply and qualify for a Google Ad Grant to help your non-profit make a greater difference!


Want to expand your operations? Digital advertising is the best way for your non-profit to promote the great work that you do and help the most people.


Need donations? We can help your non-profit attract and acquire new donors and regular givers; ensuring the long-term health of your non-profit.

Google Ad Grants

Google Grant is the best kept secret for non-profits. Google provides $10,000 of free Google AdWords search spend – a month! We at WadiDigital are experts at not just helping you apply and qualify for the Google Grant, we are experts at managing and improving your campaigns! We are Google lovers and have a direct line with Google to help serve you! Already have a Google Grant? Google has special criteria to help you qualify for an upgrade of $40,000/month! Let us help you make a greater difference with a Google Grant!


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Attract New Donors

Donations is the lifeblood of many non-profits. Non-profits are often strapped with cash and often find themselves in a catch 22, they need money to raise money. We manage the online advertising campaigns of some of the most prestigious non-profits and foundations in the world. We are experienced and committed to help you attract more ongoing/regular donors, so you can focus on expanding the great work that you do!

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Brand Awareness

In order for non-profits to have long-term growth and attract more donations and new philanthropists, non-profits must be able to show that they can continue to bring change and their ideas to more peoples’ lives. With out experience, digital advertising can help your non-profit reach more people, bring in new donations quickly and cost-effectively – and most important help you make the world a better place!

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