LinkedIn B2B Advertising


In addition to advertising to specific professional targeting, LinkedIn also provides a great way to attract talent and to message CXOs – directly to their inbox!


Targeting on LinkedIn is unique and very powerful! It is the only ad platform where one can target by company, industry, company size, job titles, experience & skills.


LinkedIn is predominately used for business and networking. It is the only social media platform where people are actively thinking about doing business.


Do you have an eBook or a whitepaper to help promote your business/industry and collect leads? LinkedIn’s unique targeting is the best platform for B2B leads!

LinkedIn & Google for B2B Advertising Synergy

While advertising on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter have their place, LinkedIn is the powerhouse of lead generation in B2B. Jellyfish’s Alicia Dodd says that “93% of B2B marketers consider LinkedIn as the most effective social media platform.” 

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B2B Advertising: Success Relies on Data, Optimization and Patience

If you’ve ever sold, advertised or marketed to both B2B and B2C clientele, you’ve probably noticed that there is a significant difference. Yes, their money spends the same, and you use a lot of the same sales and marketing techniques, but there is a different psychology to it…

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Lead Generation Forms

Leads have the potential to have a lot of value in the B2B arena. LinkedIn provides unique targeting and opportunities to reach exactly who you want. LinkedIn Lead Generation Ads, pre-populate the forms, on LinkedIn’s platform. This makes conversions rates very high and inexpensive as everything is entered accurately and quickly.

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Barkan Industrial Park Exporting Association

Want to know how to target the right people in large corporations abroad? This is a talk Yoel Israel gave to the leading manufacturers of the Shomron at the Barkan Industrial Park in August 2016.

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Lecture at Google Campus Tel Aviv

Yoel Israel Speaks About How to Get Inexpensive High-quality B2B Leads using LinkedIn Ads and Google AdWords Remarketing at Google Campus Tel Aviv – June 30, 2016

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