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Twitter Ads is a great way to brand your business! Targeting people who follow your page or your team leadership, and promote your brand to them!


Who are your competitors? We create advertising campaigns that uses your competitors’ success and keywords to leapfrog your messaging in front their audience.



Need funding? We can help your startup compose an attractive and comprehensive long-term marketing campaign that will help you get funding.


Seeking growth? Digital advertising is the best way for your startup to quickly attract more customers/clients, and increase revenue & profits.

Branding & Marketing

One of the greatest challenges for startups is getting exposure. We help our startup clients brand and promote their products by bidding on competitors’ keywords, making banners on Google’s Network and Facebook Ads. We also utilize remarketing, lookalikes and ‘similar to’ lists to get your startup in front of all the right people.


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Marketing Strategy to Attract Investors

Is your startup strapped for cash and needs a comprehensive marketing plan to attract seed investing? WadiDigital helps startups create comprehensive marketing strategies, with complete marketing and spending projections, that will help you grow and woo investors to generously provide funding so you can grow your startup!

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Increase Profits

In order for startups to have long-term growth (and to attract more funding), you must be able to show that you can continue to bring in new customers or clients and increase profits. Digital marketing and advertising in particular can help your startup bring in many new clients and revenue dollars quickly and cost-effectively. Experience in growth matters!

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