Air Doctor

Our startup has the pleasure of having Yoel Israel and WadiDigital work on our Google AdWords and Google Analytics. We create a unique marketplace through our app which they advertise on our behalf. Results have been terrific as cost-per-download continue to rapidly improve week-over-week on both Android and iOS. This has helped us work on attracting new funding for our startup as we continue to grow and succeed.

If you are a startup, specifically looking for more app installs and in-app purchases, we are confident you will be happy with the work, service and approachability of WadiDigital.


Efrat Sagi-Ofir
Head of Marketing & Operations
Air Doctor

Investable Solutions

Investable Solutions helps startups create business plans and position themselves to receive funding.

We met the Yoel and Akiva from WadiDigital at a startup event, and had instant chemistry. We chose them as our full-service marketing agency due their flexibility in how we work together.

Since then, WadiDigital has brought us a steady stream of new client leads for our services via PPC which has translated into many paying customers. They also have grown our website traffic from their SEO work. They have assisted in getting us published in various media, and are consistently suggesting new ideas to get us out there.

In addition to creating and managing our marketing in English and Hebrew, they are now helping us expand into new languages and markets starting with Arabic.

We strongly recommend WadiDigital for results, customer service, and attention to detail.

Aaron Rothenberg
Managing Partner
Investable Solutions


WadiDigital was recommended to our startup to help with digital marketing and advertising. Upon meeting them we were instantly impressed with his love for startups and helping our business grow. They have a very strong understanding of using Google AdWords and Facebook Ads along with Google Analytic. WadiDigital uses his expertise to provides unique insights into digital strategy and marketing funnels. Their customer service and proactivity has helped our startup, HomeBiogas expand our brand and reach.

Muli Yahav
VP Global Marketing


I first discovered WadiDigital through their perfectly targeted LinkedIn Lead Generation Ad. Shortly after filling out the LinkedIn Ad form (a format I hadn’t seen implemented as smoothly before or since), Yoel and I spent over an hour going through opportunities he saw within my accounts, and generally talking shop. His strategies were completely distinct from my own, and so his insights were unique–a perfect pattern interrupt for the optimization rut I’d gotten into!

Yoel Israel and WadiDigital truly understand digital advertising. Yoel continues to help me improve my clients’ Google AdWords accounts by providing in-depth, thorough reviews, which are centered on actionable steps I can immediately implement. These are mature, complex accounts, several with seven-figure annual budgets–so each recommendation that is incremental to my existing efforts makes a significant impact.

Yoel provides deep analytical dives of campaigns, and their underlying data. He’s able to identify opportunities across every slice of the account–time of day, day of week, devices, gender, age, and other more subtle segments (or combinations thereof).

As a Google AdWords Premier Partner, I find Yoel to be an invaluable asset to my organization. We’re quite good at what we do, and yet we’re even better for Yoel’s contributions. If you’d like to discuss my experience working with Yoel and WadiDigital, please feel free to contact me at roy@statbid.com.


Roy Steves
Founder & CEO
Premier Google Partner


As a CEO of a digital marketing agency, I can say with certainty that WadiDigital has helped us tremendously with our Google AdWords. They came on board to help us with our AdWords campaign after pointing out many changes that would drastically improve our conversions and reach. Their recommendations worked and our Google AdWords response has been better than ever. The WadiDigital team is very knowledgeable, responsive, and friendly. I highly recommend WadiDigital with no reservations for your digital marketing needs.

Ross Cohen
Founder & CEO
Philadelphia, PA

Basset & Gold

Basset & Gold has the pleasure of having WadiDigital manage, optimize and improve our Google AdWords search, banner and remarketing campaigns. We spend over $100,000/month in Google AdWords with many financial products targeting the British market. WadiDigital has succeeded in significantly lowering cost per acquisition and improving our conversion rates week after week, ensuring we get higher quality leads with our growing budget.

Yoel has very strong interpersonal skills and tries to test new ideas, ads and targeting on a regular basis to determine what new opportunities can expand our campaigns and reach new people. If you have a large budget and let Yoel ‘do his thing’ you will be very satisfied with the results and the ROI he can provide with his expertise.


Guy Hadas
Marketing Director
Creative Geeks
London, England


Glide hired Yoel Israel to manage and optimize our wide-range of ongoing digital advertising and PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns for Glide’s CMRA wearable technology product while I was on vacation for a few weeks. Yoel successfully managed and optimized our online campaigns across multiple channels. He demonstrated strong communication skills and has a fast response time to both phone and email.

I was very happy to have our digital marketing assets in his care in my absence. If you are looking for an expert in digital advertising for your startup or business, I greatly recommend Yoel for the task.

Daniel Rosenfeld
Digital Marketing Manager
Glide, glide.me

Social Media Examiner & Social Media Marketing World

After attempting to self-manage my Google AdWords account for years (and with only marginal results) I sought out a leading Google expert. The name that my peers kept recommending was Yoel Israel.

From the first moment I spoke to him, I knew he was the real deal. His “no-nonsense” yet highly analytical approach to running ads was what I needed. I was also very impressed with his depth of knowledge with the AdWords platform. I was sold immediately.

But the real advantages started pouring in after the first month we worked together. His remarketing and search work brought in significantly more sales than I expected.  He’s also very easy to work with and not hard to reach. I actively recommend Yoel to other business owners and marketers. If you’re ready to take your Google marketing to the next level, hire Yoel today.


Michael Stelzner
Founder and CEO, Social Media Examiner
Founder, Social Media Marketing World
San Diego, California

Signals Analytics

Yoel Israel leads Signals Analytics online advertising accounts: Google AdWords and LinkedIn advertising. He has helped Signals with branding, find new revenue and clients by focusing on data and being patient with the B2B cycle. Using Hubspot and other data analytics tools, Yoel has successfully A/B tested, optimized and made adjustments to our campaigns that have helped us bring in more leads and clients at increasingly better prices.

Using LinkedIn Advertising he successfully tested and optimized unique targeting, landing pages, banner ads and ad copy to help Signals receive more quality B2B leads at a cheaper price. Yoel Israel came highly recommended to Signals to help with B2B online advertising and I highly recommend Yoel Israel for his skill, hard work, customer service and above all else, results.
Anna Stone
Director of Marketing
Signals Analytics

Americard Payments

WadiDigital has created and manages my Google AdWords account with great success. In addition to helping Americard Payment sell more payment processing and POS machines, their team has demonstrated a will to always help beyond our Google AdWords campaigns. Yoel and his team regularly provided marketing consultation and goes out of their way to help our company beyond the scope of Google.

I recommend WadiDigital for their customer service and Google AdWords results. Yoel is kind, optimistic, patient and is always helping my business move forward and acquire new clients.

Moshe Preizler
Founder & CEO
Americard Payment
New York, New York

Penguin Strategies

In my capacity as the Director of Inbound Marketing at Penguin Strategies, I have had the pleasure of working with Yoel on multiple paid media campaigns for our B2B clients.

He is an expert in pay-per-click advertising, with an emphasis on the B2B sector, and is well-versed on the use of LinkedIn Advertising and Google AdWords. Yoel utilized these platforms to create online paid media campaigns that help drive lead generation for our client roster.

In addition, he continuously collects and analyzes data from platforms such as HubSpot and Google Analytics to report on campaign performance.

Yoel has strong communication skills and strives to provide lasting results. If you need support with online advertising and PPC, I strongly recommend him based on his experience with B2B, his excellent customer service and overall ability to produce timely results.


Valerie Levin
Director of Inbound Marketing
Penguin Strategies

Shavei Israel

Yoel Israel has helped Shavei Israel with our online advertising. He has a fantastic personality, he is easy to work with and loves to help others! Yoel has a very strong understanding of Google AdWords and the psychology of the searcher.

As a non-profit with a Google Grant, we highly recommend Yoel to help your non-profit reach new international audiences and increase awareness & donations. He is dedicated and loves helping organizations achieve an increasingly positive influence in the world.


Laura Ben-David
Head of Marketing & Advertising
Shavei Israel


WadiDigital consulted my perfume store in the King of Prussia Mall, America’s largest retail mall, on our traditional and digital marketing strategy and implementation. Yoel is a sharp thinker, with a strong character who genuinely wants to help improve businesses. He listened to our needs and provided a detailed marketing strategy to help our store earn a successful Black Friday sale day. WadiDigital’s multi-faceted approach not only attracted more spontaneous buyers, but improved on our local attention attracting the thousands of employees at the King of Prussia Mall to purchase with us instead of our competitors.

Experienced and objective, WadiDigital has a strong understanding of traditional marketing for retail stores. Their experience translates traditional marketing techniques into successful digital marketing strategy that effectively brings people to our store. They understand how capturing email addresses instore can lead to remarketing and earning more sales online in the future using Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Pinterest Ads, Google Adwords and Bing. A few conversations with them improved our business to the level we wanted to reach. I recommend hiring WadiDigital to set-up and manage your digital marketing account or as a consultant for either traditional or digital marketing.


Nir Guy
Co-Owner & Perfumologist
Perfumology LLC
King of Prussia

New Mother Wellness

WadiDigital was recommended by a friend as a digital marketing agency to help with promoting and selling my resources for new mothers online. They provided a bottom-up recommendation of how to improve my Google Adwords advertising campaigns. They also imparted expert insights to aid in bringing down my cost-per-click and increase my sales via Google Adwords.

WadiDigital walked me through every page on my site to ensure that both the site and online store were best optimized in order to sell as many of my interviews as possible. If you need a marketing consultant to help with search engine marketing or website optimization, I highly recommend that you reach out to WadiDigital for help with your business.


Rachel Sacks
Founder & CEO
New Mother Wellness

Enriched Parenting

WadiDigital came highly recommended to me when looking for online marketing and social media advertising specialists to serve our non-profit organization Enriched Parenting. They established, manage and optimize our Facebook and Instagram advertising for our non-profit organization.

Utilizing social media, WadiDigital has promoted Enriched Parenting’s community by driving many leads to our site, increasing attendance at our events as well as increasing Facebook page likes and engagement. Yoel and his team is are very professional, hardworking and dedicated to their clients. They have always shown to be very reliable as they are quick in returning calls and emails and demonstrated excellent communication skills. Further, Yoel particularly has a very upbeat and positive demeanor and is a pleasure to work with.

Yoel Israel and his team have my highest recommendation as they demonstrate an unwavering commitment to their clients and go above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction. It is with confidence that I recommend the WadiDigital team as marketing and social media advertising specialists. You won’t regret adding them to your marketing team.


Rebecca Fleischmann
Founder & CEO
Enriched Parenting
New York, NY

Ad Bacon

I have the pleasure of having Yoel helping Ad Bacon with our Search Engine Marketing research. Yoel had an upbeat attitude with an optimistic vision that keeps his contribution to our start-up fun and progressive! His strong understanding of the multiple layers of Google AdWords and ad extensions has helped Ad Bacon successfully serve our very large clients in the financial industry.

If you need an online advertising expert, who is friendly and that has a very strong understanding of search engines marketing, I highly recommend Yoel for his skill and great service. He is a pleasure to have as part of our team.


Ty Martin
Founder & CEO
Ad Bacon
San Francisco, CA


When working with WadiDigital, they make one thing clear by taking customer service to an unprecedented level, despite the nine-hour time zone difference. Yoel and his team consistently reach out to me by phone, skype and email to ensure that my AdWords account is surpassing my expectations.

WadiDigital is an industry leader and helps my business (CPE or Continuing Professional Education for US based CPAs or Certified Public Accountants that operate worldwide) educate and improve the accounting industry in North America. I spend over $10,000/month in AdWords and feel extremely at ease knowing that WadiDigital is managing and optimizing my business’s online marketing campaigns.

I can say with confidence that if you work with WadiDigital you will feel the same way and I highly recommend this firm.

Tad Stephens
Founder & CEO
Denver, CO

Jewish National Fund

Jewish National Fund has the pleasure of having WadiDigital create, manage and optimize our Google AdWords Paid account and Google Ads Grant account, managing over $30,000/month in advertising spend. Yoel demonstrates a passion and focus for helping JNF beyond his role. He is consistently proactive, provides excellent customer service and has a remarkably quick response time.

WadiDigital continues to help JNF receive donations with a cost per acquisition of $5, helping our organization generate more revenue and enabling us to focus our time on making a greater positive impact.

If you are looking for a unique blend of professionalism and friendliness, I highly recommend you hire WadiDigital for your online advertising accounts, especially if you are a non-profit and have a Google Ads Grant account. Jewish National Fund trust that you will be very pleased with Yoel’s diligence, patience, service and results.


Miriam Braun
Digital Marketing Manager
Jewish National Fund
Manhattan, New York


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Yoel across a variety of projects. His ability to analyse data (especially from Google Analytics) is first class. More importantly, he uses that data to constantly deliver strong returns and profitability for clients across such online advertising platforms as Google Adwords; Bing; Amazon ads; Pinterest and Google shopping. He is also a fantastic communicator and a great guy with a fun sense of humor.

Vincent Ryan
Digital Project Manager

The Mottle Wolfe Show

I hired Yoel Israel as a consultant for my online marketing campaigns for my daily radio talk show and podcasts. He helped me with my Google Adwords account and walked me through every part of my online advertising campaigns, providing very useful insights as to how we could better optimize, market and advertise my show to reach more people in my target audience. Yoel has a deep knowledge and understanding of marketing and the talk radio and podcast industry. Yoel also helped me improve my landing page optimization using A/B testing and segmentation. If you need an online marketing consultant to review your online marketing accounts or plan a digital marketing strategy, I highly recommend Yoel Israel as an expert in online marketing strategy.

Mottle Wolfe
Talk Show Host
The Mottle Wolfe Show

JTown Rentals

As the president of JTown Rentals, a high-end rental real estate rental company, my business operates in one of the most competitive real estate markets in the world, Jerusalem. WadiDigital has helped my company through their strong understanding of online marketing, trends, behaviors and data analysis. WadiDigital helped JTown Rentals with property marketing, rental inquiries and increased business. In addition to their strong understanding of Google AdWords and the advertising industry as a whole, Yoel and his team demonstrate a high level of professionalism and are a pleasure to work with. They are patient, trustworthy, easy to reach and very down to earth. If you’re looking for help with the online marketing or advertising, I encourage you to reach out to WadiDigital, especially if you are pursuing a friendly and reliable agency.

Avi Schleifer
JTown Rentals,
Jerusalem, Israel

Marriage Minded Mentor

I hired WadiDigital to work on Marriage Minded Mentor’s online marketing presence to help my company take-off. They set up, managed and grew my social media marketing campaigns to help drive local awareness and exposure. Using his passion and strong attention to detail, Yoel Israel successfully serviced Marriage Minded Mentor’s online marketing platform. I proudly recommend Yoel Israel and his team for your digital marketing needs.

Aleeza Ben Shalom
Found & CEO
Marriage Minded Mentor
Philadelphia, PA

The Organic Makolet

After opening our Organic Market we knew that our store needed to expand our reach through online marketing and social media. WadiDigital has surpassed all of our expectations by creating a consensus in the online organic community, and Facebook & Instagram in particular, that “The Organic Makolet” is the top local destination for the best organic prices and freshest produce. Without WadiDigital’s ambitious help we would not have been able to earn so many customers so quickly. If you are looking for exposure online, I highly recommend WadiDigital for all your online marketing services.

David Shalom
Store Manager
Organic Makolet

Bar-Ilan University

Yoel Israel’s creative thinking, expertise and positive can-do attitude made him a stand out member of the Bar-Ilan University International MBA Class of 2009-2010. Yoel took it upon himself to create and manage our Twitter page out of sheer goodwill. He created a lot of buzz and quickly got us to over 500 organic followers. He made our IMBA program part of the local and international online conversation. His initiative and hard work earned him an IMBA scholarship. I highly recommend Yoel for your social media campaigns and digital marketing strategy

Cindy Sinvani
MBA Coordinator
Graduate School of Business
Bar-Ilan University
Tel Aviv

Music Monkey Jungle

Yoel Israel consulted Music Monkey Jungle with a detailed online marketing strategy to help expand our growing business in Greater Philadelphia. He went through every page of our website, performed extensive analysis and gave suggestions that would produce prime optimization and traffic for potential clients.

Yoel guided us through various pay-per-click digital marketing campaigns, focusing on the ones that would be the most advantageous for our business, at this time. He has an acute understanding of search engine marketing, remarketing and social media advertising. He is hard working, patient, attentive and supportive, making him an expert digital marketing consultant.

For businesses who strive to have a strong, online presence, I strongly recommend Yoel Israel for his marketing and advertising guidance.

Lori Turner
Founder & Creative Director
Music Monkey Jungle

Lirom Global Education

Lirom Global Education searched for SEO help with our many international academic programs. WadiDigital applied, however recommended that we use Google Adwords, remarketing and social media advertising to help promote the programs that we market – instead of SEO. Their unique and experienced perspective in online marketing was very helpful and has clearly paid off.

WadiDigital has aided us in capturing many English-speaking leads from all over the world for our study programs using several methods including, search engine marketing, display marketing, remarketing and Facebook lead generation advertising. Yoel has a strong command of Google Analytics and data analysis and continues to improve and optimize our campaigns. He is very personable, professional and easy to work with, acting as a real partner in the company’s success. If you need help with online marketing and driving leads to your business or organization, I recommend you contact the WadiDigital team to assist in your digital marketing goals.

Linor Flatto
Director of Marketing
Lirom Global Education

Valley Forge Cupolas

WadiDigital has been managing and optimizing our Google Adwords & Facebook Ads campaigns. The agency has a very strong understanding of online advertising, remarketing and competitor research. Their demonstration of hard work, focus on data and A/B testing has repeatedly led to the improvements of our campaigns month-over-month.

WadiDigital responds to all emails quickly, provides outstanding customer service and understands new online advertising trends very well. The company has helped turn $8,000/month in advertising into over $50,000/month in revenue for Valley Forge Cupolas. If you are looking for a strong ROI and polite service, I highly recommend Yoel and his team for your online advertising needs.

Beverly Trivane
Founder & Owner
Valley Forge Cupolas
Valley Forge, PA

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